Separated filesĀ 

It can happen that a file is separated within a root canal. On many instances, the tooth can be managed so that the root canal disease can still eliminated and the tooth saved. Please speak to the Endodontist more on the subject.

Post removal

When a tooth is restored, a Dentist occasionally places a post, which helps support the tooth and other structures that contributing to rebuilding it. They can be challenging to remove if a new restoration is required or the root canal must be re-addressed. We at the Endodontic Group have the necessary equipment and technology to remove your post safely and efficiently.

Managing crowns and bridges

Many teeth, with or without root canals, are restored using crowns (caps). However, if the tooth later needs a root canal or a root canal re-addressed, the crown may have to be drilled through. This can greatly add to the degree of difficulty of the procedure – we at the Endodontic Group are well-versed in handling such situations. We are also able to remove and re-cement crowns and bridges in certain circumstances.


Many front teeth become discoloured as a result of root canal disease. We have the ability to bleach these teeth to a shade close to or matching the original one, or the teeth nearby, after the root canal is complete. Please speak to the Endodontist to find out if bleaching is right for you.

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